Biotene the toothpaste for my teeth

I normally just use whatever toothpaste my husband buys, but then when I received a sample of Biotene, I discovered that it is much better for my teeth. Well, that is because in my case, I have had episodes where my teeth were so sensitive and even painful that I couldn't eat. I had to suffer not knowing that there is toothpaste to resolve such problem. I wish I knew about it then. See, I am one of the many people that have a dental problem. So a good thing I have a sensitive toothpaste to relieve any pain or sensitivity I may experience in the future. My teeth would usually become sensitive when I keep eating candies and sour fruits, or drink anything cold. Anyway, I can tell that there really is a difference between using regular toothpaste and toothpaste made just for sensitive teeth and dry mouth. When I use Biotene toothpaste, I not only think that my teeth are whiter than usual, but also squeaky clean. It gives me a fresh and clean breath as it has a gentle minty flavor and low foaming formula. So, I am happy to know about Biotene because there are other important benefits for me as well, for it is formulated to help prevent cavities and, fight against bacteria, gingivitis, and plaque. I would recommend it to people suffering from tooth sensitivity, pain, and dry mouth. Anyone can find it at: By the way, look at my picture below for my dazzling smile. I am quite thankful that PayPerPost included me as one of the many hand selected active posties to try it, because now I know what's good for my teeth.

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supermom said...

I think that is just what I need, I can't drink anything too cold or my tooth hurt:(

Just stopping by to say hi:)

janine said...

lili lang ko..hehehehe nindot man pud imong pic..pwede naka ma model sa biotene..lolz

nor said...

Nice pic nimo dire Sis.Ana. Oh! amo ba na ang top nga gisuot mo sato nga ang tawo sege tan-aw sa imo? lol nami bulak ug colors.

Angie said...

looking good! hehehe

Ana P. S. said...

Thanks for all the kind comments everyone, I appreciate it. I am trying to look as good as I can, even though I feel like I am dying...LOL.

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