Irritated with entry removed upon request

It irritates me when I was requested to remove an entry then in the end I wind up losing. Like when I deleted something, I was requested to delete my entry and still get paid as stated, but then I am still not paid. That is unfair, so, from now on there will be no more deleting if that is the case. I won't waste my time writing a long entry then it is all a waste. Anyway, I thought I would share a little about that because that is what's bugging me...eheheh.
As for my day, well, I am busy as usual; be out some time later. My husband's son moved to Colorado Springs but now he is back again. Back to Michigan, a place he considers his home, though he was born in California. But since he spent many years raising a family here, it is his home now. Okay, until here for now. See you!

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