Custom design and build your own workbench

I found a website that has so many workbenches to choose from for just about everyone needing different furniture. They were custom made by Formspace, a company that manufactures custom technical furniture, accessories, and services. It develops elegant, practical, flexible solutions for customers in laboratory, technical, drafting, material handling, and industrial environments. Now for you out there looking for any workspace that will not only accommodate your work and space but something that last, be sure to see the site for a huge selection of workbenches. I am sure you can find one that fit your needs. You can even custom design and build your own Workbench, you know. So, there you go, visit the site and see if the site has the solution for you. My husband would like one.

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jethbell said...

Hi An,
Thanks for droppin' by my place. How's the kids? Hope u all have a meaningful holidays. HAPPY THANKSGIVING and God Bless you all.

Anonymous said...

Yes but they are really expensive. I had one priced and it was over $2,000. If you don't mind the price then this is a good site

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