I wish I have my own vehicle

I wish I have my own vehicle because I would like to go shopping all alone where nobody is waiting for me to get done. You see, each time we go shopping I always have to rush. I can't even look around because my husband and kids are already waiting for me. I hate that, so whenever I can save money and get things done with my people back home, I plan to purchase a vehicle. Maybe someday if I get lucky and when our daughters are not so dependent on me. I will go out there and work myself off to make things happen...LOL. Things will only happen if I make them happen anyway, so in order for me to get things I want, I have to work hard. A good thing that there are money making schemes online that helps me a lot right now. Otherwise, I wouldn't have much. Whew! What a relief, I can actually go shopping when I want to and spend my hard earned money. I really should save because I am causing my own demise...LOL. Okay till here for now. Nighty folks!

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