My random dreams

1. Unforgettable Dream

My unforgettable dream would have to be the dream about my uncle that actually came true. I will never forget it for as long as I live, that one early morning I dreamt that something bad is going to happen to one of my family members; beloved relatives. And unfortunately it did happen, which then my worst nightmare began.

2. Scary Dream

When I dreamed that my uncle was haunting me, that I was going to a bathroom and saw blood gushing out of the toilet and faucet squirting all over the place-like in the movies. I was horrified and woke up from being so scared and couldn't go back to sleep.

3. Funny Dream

I always have a dream about my high school life. In my dreams I am still in high school, and well, the memories I had during those years are frozen in time. I see the same classmates over and over especially those that pestered me to death at school; the boys. Oh, well, it just brings back memories and all the fun time I had putting up with my annoying classmates and schoolmates. I think it's funny because I get to re-live my high school life and time again in my dreams. I find it funny...LOL.

4. Dream House

I like Victorian style when it comes to houses, and my house would have to be a good size with an ocean front view situated in an island or country like surroundings; with all the lush green trees and plants especially flowers of all kinds, surrounded by the beauty of nature. Custom built, and personally designed by me with all that I want in the house. It has to have a spiral staircase if possible, the master bedroom has a large walk-in closet, and attached bathroom with a stunning bathtub and/or jacuzzi. I like a bay window, and fireplace, and high ceiling with a crystal chandelier. Piano, and all the luxurious furniture. So, can you picture my dream house yet? Well, I can only make it happen if I win a lottery...LOL.

5. Dream Celebrity Date (foreign or local)

I am not really into the celebrities, though, I enjoy seeing the charming and gorgeous ones. But anyway, let me see if I can find that one cute young man in the Desperate Housewives tv show: Josh Henderson...LOL. I think he is cute and good looking, so I would pick him, only he is too young for me, I think a year younger...LOL.

6. Dream Job

I would like to be a CEO-Corporate Executive Official. It's a fancy title but, with me, I like to be the boss. I want to be in charge. Now, that is so far just a dream, there's no way it will ever happen in my life. But at least, I can dream even just a daydream.

7. Dream you had last night

I dreamed that I was running and hiding, makes me wonder what it means. It was like a hide and seek game. I think that was men seeking for me, whew! What a strange dream. Anyway, it is a little faded in my mind, so I could put it in further detail. But I can remember it was awful running and trying to hide..LOL. Imagine it virtually.

8. Dream for yourself

To travel and explore the world someday. I would love to be able travel all over the world and explore all that the world has to offer. The different cultures, people and traditions. I especially like to try out the food. To see what it is like in a different culture. I am an adventurous eater.

Note: Thanks to Jen L. for tagging me with this months ago, I just did not post it so soon as I had no time to refine my words. Thanks a bunch, Jen!

Tag: I tag everyone that is interested in doing this, share your dreams, too. Grab it!

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