Our Tiana is naughty

Our daughter Tiana always gets into trouble because she can't seem to understand how things work. Well, she has a mischievous behavior where she often likes to snap at people. I mean she sometimes like to hit people for the fun of it and likes to see them react, and laugh at them, of course. Now she is getting in trouble over that; acting mischievous, because it is not nice. She is a naughty girl and I am trying so hard at home to discipline her the best way I could. My husband does, too. We do try, only her personality is like that, so I hope that soon enough she will know that being mischievous is not good for her and other people around her. She is still immature at her age. Perhaps, it is because she didn't have a sister for a long time that she is spoiled and rotten...LOL. But seriously, she is rough with her peers at school and even with me. So, she needs some firm discipline. I have to find out about how to make her mind. Maybe take her toys away.

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