We got lost while trick or treating

We didn't trick or treat in our area because there are not too many people up to it, so we decided to head off somewhere else. We went looking for an exciting place where we can trick or treat. Anyway, we started out quite well, getting candies every so often, but then it started sprinkling a bit. We then, of course, rush to locate our vehicle parked in a distance and get in to drive off to another location close to home. However, on our way to the other place where we were planning to go trick or treating we took a wrong turn and wound up way far from home. We found ourselves quite a few miles away from home. Ohohoh...imagine that, trick or treating gone wrong. We were behind the Macomb College-south campus...LOL. So, oh, that was quite a long way where we were before.
What puzzled us was that how did we end up there so quickly, when we had to drive for a long time to be able to get home. I mean, we got there so fast, like it only took us a few turn and we were there, but when it was time for us to find our way home, we had to go through so many streets, and then finally see the light at the end of the tunnel; that we found the street leading to our area. Hmmm... It reminded us the Bermuda Triangle stories...LOL. Yes, we have heard about that on TV, people that fly over such spot will disappear or will find themselves lost, no turning point. A good thing our ordeal wasn't a real Halloween disaster which could have been if we live in a more secluded place. Anyway, it's kinda late now, it's time for my bedtime. Night folks! I hope you had a fun time trick or treating because we did, in spite that we got lost for a while and was a little late with trick or treating from house to house...LOL.

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