I feel like I am drunk

We just got back home from a long trip to Chicago to have our baby daughter's leg brace made and a lift as well. Now, I feel like I am drunk...LOL. In fact, if I have to walk following a straight line, I think I would walk more like I am indeed drunk. Dizzy and light headed. But, of course, I am still here blogging away anyway...LOL. I can manage with jotting down a few things before I take my much needed rest. Boy, trraveling is very exhausting. I really hate traveling back and forth without staying overnight for a rest and some fun in the town. Plain traveling is no fun; boring and tiring. So, when we saw our baby's Surgeon Doctor early today, I had to ask to just get the leg braces and lifts, and whatever our baby needs in the future right at home for our convenience. I should have thought about it before then, so we didn't have to go back to Chicago today. After all, our baby doesn't need to have a surgery until she is 5 years old. That is a long way down the road and I don't think going to Chicago is necessary at this point. So, a good thing the Surgeon gave us a prescription to just get what our daughter needs for the time being close to home. I am glad about that. Okay, I think I will need to call it a night now. See you tomorrow folks!

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