Couldn't sleep well at night

I have trouble sleeping last night, hmmm... I wonder if the energy drink I was drinking affected me because of the caffeine in it. So now, I have a headache, oh, boy. I will need to get some rest to recuperate in time for our Chicago trip; it is another thing that can cause me to have a headache. I love adventure but traveling is a little difficult for me to handle. I read about the journey being enjoyable and not so much the destination. Well, is it a journey traveling a long distance being stuck on a bus or plane for hours and hours? Perhaps, the journey is the fact that while we travel, we see so many different places and meet people that make the journey fun. But oh, the waiting, the hassle, and all, I am not fond of. I think I will only be excited if we are going somewhere for a vacation...LOL, like visiting my homeland because then I couldn't contain myself with excitements and the thought of all the fun to do when I get there...LOL. Okay, gotta go now, I'll call it a night after a couple of assignment I needed done. Nighty night! Cool Comments

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Anna said...

wow ako gyud ang naka una ba, hello Anna musta naman ka dinha? Io abi ko ba ako lang ang naa problem sa sleeping ikaw sab diay. Mao sab na akong problem ba labina kainum ko ug daghan coke na maglisod gyud ko tulog inig gabii.

Anyway thanks for the tag gyud ha, oo lage apil na gyud ko aning sponsored blog gyud. Lingaw man diay io, nalingaw ko atong ug mga opps ba hehehhehe. Wala pa ko son io akoa na step-son, sunod pa ko ani magliwat basin hapit na hehhehe. Tulo na sab akong blog ba heheheh lingaw na sab update ani. cge have a great week anap

Adrian Hoe said...

Hi Ana,

I used to have this problems years ago. Try some Vit B complexes (fortified) in the morning. If you think you are really extremely tire in the morning or you are going to extremely exhaust yourself in the afternoon, take double dose. B complex will increase your metabolic rate. Be sure you have a rich and balance breakfast to provide you all the energy you need to burn.

Avoid caffeine completely! You will develop dependency and you will soon find that you need more and more. Also, caffeine may cause cancer. Caffeine is diuretic. That's mean if you take caffeine, you will produce more urine and your body will be dehydrated, causing all the toxic waste in your body cannot be excreted out of your body efficiently. I read about an article about caffeine can cause cancer. I found it a coincidence as my late sister love Coke! She passed away of metastatic breast cancer.

Sleep early after a long hard day. Ha! I always failed to do this!

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