It's my sister Nora's birthday

It is my sister Nora's birthday, and I am extending my greetings to her today. I wish her all the best in this world. May she have many more birthdays to come, and in good health always. Happy Birthday to you sis Nora, I hope you are enjoying your birthday today. Luv yah! Anyway, I was going to make a scrap but I deleted my psp software because I thought it would help speed up our computer and I will be able to play the video clips I was watching, but no, it didn't help. So, I can only load a picture of my sister here for now. I will make a scrap of her later though. Okay, till here for now.

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nor said...

Hello Nang, thanks for the greetings. Ug ba gibutang mo di picture ko my mga birthday wishes pa for me... thanks happy you all..

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