I got to make our computer cooperate

I had been anxious about seeing the remake of Marimar, and at last, I got to see most of the episodes available on YouTube. That show is quite interesting, I enjoyed watching every episode. The actors are great; they are just perfect for each role. Boy, as always watching Filipino dramas can both make me laugh and cry. I would get tearful sometimes when the situation is sad because it just affects me, then when something is funny, I giggle or laugh. It's fun to see movies and shows coming from my homeland, it brings back memories and a way for me to always have a way to look back and remember my people. Great shows, a good thing I can see them for free because I am really not very good with paid subscription...LOL. I don't usually bother. Anyway, till here for now.

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daisy said...

yay i watch that too in you tube... kay tribalengel nga channel :)

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