Annoying blog spammers

Annoying spammers, oh, I hate it when spammers fill up my comment boxes with junks, what I mean is messages that sound the same; leaving different links. Imagine, last night I spent almost the whole night just deleting all my spam comments. That was awful. In fact, I am still not finish with deleting them all. I have got a lot left that needs to be permanently removed. One thing that is slowing me down is that, my comment box can only let me delete one comment at a time, so naturally it is time consuming. What a hassle, and oh, that is what I have to put up with. Anyway, it's Monday evening and we just got home from getting a few things for our baby, a light stroller and a pair of shoes that we can take to Chicago. It is too tiring to keep carrying our baby around especially when she wants down. Okay, gotta now, I am getting kinda sleepy actually, not having enough sleep; I am always aching and in pain if not depressed.

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