I lost money shipping my computer back

It irritates me to think that I lost money over someone's wickedness. The computer I bought online was wrong because the person that sold it used a wrong picture projecting a much newer and better computer. I bet on a nice computer and ended up with an old computer. It is hard to believe that sellers are allowed to do that on eBay. You can use a standard picture of the item you want to sell, and that is what the woman did. She used a standard picture of a 2007 computer model to sell a related 2005 computer model...LOL. So, whew! What a mess and I had to lose money over that. I actually have been living on my online income and have not saved a lot except for my uncle's bounty money. I hope I can save one of these days. But I am not married to a rich man, I have to help out...LOL. I guess that is just right that I contribute and make money to get us by. Okay, until here for now. I need to go see Tiana's teacher for a parent-teacher conference meeting.

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