A new blog on Micro-ISVs and start-ups

I came across some great articles to read on someones blog, and I think those articles are quite helpful for aspiring entrepreneurs. The author aims to challenge traditional ways of starting companies and managing innovation. So, for those of you who might be needing a few helpful points with starting your own business, I am sure you can use some help by visiting the blog. Yes, you will find it interesting, especially if you are an aspiring entrepreneur. It is
Harry Schechter's new blog on Micro-ISVs and start-ups that can teach you a few things about starting point. In fact, the article that really caught my attention is about copying a business, in which if you do, you can bring more customer than being on your own space, but rather share the space of the business that already has customers to help you gain customers too. You can then start from there, and compete by making changes to your business and what you are marketing; your products, etc. It is a good point that I give the author a credit about, it is right on the money. So, there you go, find out more by visiting the blog!

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