Going loco having a slow computer

Our computer is performing very, very slow again. I think it is very clogged up with pictures and images. I am not sure, but ever since I downloaded some scrapbooking sets, our computer has no more free Disk C: space left. Perhaps the digital scrapbooking kits that I downloaded took up all the space, so I will have to transfer them. I wish I didn't extract any of them to be able to send them to my e-mail instead, or web folder. I have a lot of things to consider in order to clean up the crowded used disk space of our computer. Oh, too many jobs that I have to do. I can't even watch the remake of Marimar. Now I am missing so many episodes because each time I view YouTube, it would stop playing and freeze or pause in the middle of the clip. Oh, it is annoying; it gets on my nerve. And I have to constantly restart our computer if I want to watch it all the way. It sucks...ugh!

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juliet said...

Hi An, musta na? i had also experienced w/ that, not much free disk left in my pc coz of all the pictures I got in my hard drive..that happened gyud..glad it`s all fixed stepson got stuff(don`t remember d name) then he transfered all my photos over there so now my pc is spaceful..heheh..o cge hope u fix it soon.take care and kisses 2 ur cuties girls!

Yen said...

An, I think you need another RAM or a memory.:) You can always buy and let someone install it for you. Scrapbooking stuff takes a lot of space sa, I would suggest getting an additional RAM will solve your problem!:)

Btw,I would appreciate if you can add this blog of mine. You're added in there already. Tnx!

Little Peanut

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