Great and unique makeup tips

I came across a website that is giving away free makeup tips which will really help me out with being able to apply my make up correctly. I read a few things that I never knew before like "holding a brow pencil along the side of my nose to ensure that the inner edge of my brow lines up with the inside corner of my eye". I can achieve a great shape and well groomed eyebrows knowing such technique. So, that is great to know, including where to exactly apply my blush, and that is "by bending over for 30 seconds to determine where I am meant to blush". I also appreciate the tips about how to take care of my lips, to make them look plump, luscious, soft, and supple, and that is "by brushing my lips". Those are a few tips that I found to be most helpful to me. The website has great makeup tips for everyone wanting to learn to how to apply their make up the way they should. My sisters and I can certainly use the website, and we will be coming back to learn more. The site is perfect for us, I tell you, and surely perfect for you, too, if you would like to learn how to improve your makeup look. You can learn lots and lots of makeup tips there if you visit.

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Join AVON said...

this looks cool, thanks for sharing :-)

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