Falling behind on my obligations

Life can be tiring and being married is not always fun. I have a lot of things to worry about; children to attend to, and house chores to do everyday. It gets old after a while as I don't like routines. Anyway, I have some work to do and finish online. So, I will have to race against time. I have dishes needing to be washed-I actually just need to finish washing them. I can't always finish anything if I am busy, especially when I have a baby to take care of. I can only have time for myseld if she is asleep. But if she is not asleep, she is right here with me on my lap while I am typing...LOL. Well, as we speak and some of the time she prefers to be on my lap if she finds being on the floor boring...LOL. She doesn't interrupt me much; she is a good girl, only last night she gave us a bad time while we were out dining. That was the first time we experience her madness...LOL. She is quite strong for her age, being only 12 months old. Little tike, already so active and has a mind of her own.

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