I have a bad cold

I am not feeling very well at the moment, because I got up sneezing and having a runny nose. Goodness, my cold got worse when I went out to plant flowers around our house late in the evening yesterday. I felt a few raindrops while I was planting flowers and since I didn't have any hat on, I now have a bad cold. I had it worse early today because I was sneezing so bad that it made my eyes watery. Fortunately though I took a cold medicine that helped, I feel a little better now. I am not sneezing near as much as I was sneezing early today. Whew! What a relief! It is always awful having a cold, I tell you. A good thing I am not in school.
By the way, I am not blogging very often anymore since I lost my page rank here, so it left me with nothing much to blog about. It is irritating how the page ranking business works. It is unreliable, and surely Google has a lot to do with it. It is a matter of avoiding the keywords that are supposedly a tell-tale sign for sponsored blogging. Now, I can have all the keywords I want to use because I have nothing to lose anyway. No page rank to protect which means I can go all out. I am simply not going to worry about page rank anymore, it is tiring. No more chasing after it, as it doesn't make a difference; it only stays for a month after all.

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