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Finally, IZEA-the company that owns PayPerPost, came up with another way for bloggers like me to earn money through sponsored blogging. What I mean is that, there is now, a new networking website where both bloggers and advertisers can connect, exchange links, leave comments or give feedbacks, etc. I signed up for an account already, and if you would like to see how it works, you might want to view my profile first. Anyway, I am hoping that the advertisers will find their way in on to my page and have me blog about their products or services. I can also do the same, only in reverse as I can find opportunities that advertisers have available for me to blog about. Now for those of you who are interested in getting hired directly by an advertiser, you would like to join me at SocialSpark where you can not only make money but also make new friends. You can find other bloggers and add them to your network of friends. That is a great way to promote your blog as well. The advertisers can view your profile and blog, and then come opportunity knocking for you. So there you go come and join me!

This post is sponsored by Social Spark

P. S. I found out recently that if you don't speak English very well you may not qualify for blog sponsorship. I know that now because my blog was rejected due to that my English is poor. So I need to work on my English skill.

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