My page rank is gone because ...

... I think GoogleBot found some keywords that indicate that I am being paid for some of my posts. So, here I am again, down and out. I mean I hardly get any post anymore. I hate it when advertisers go by a page rank when it is no longer reliable especially when Google is manipulating the system. Sometimes a page rank is gone because the GoogleBot detected certain keywords that are a tell-tale sign for posts that earns people money. Now that has nothing to do with popularity, traffic, etc. That is why Google is being manipulative with setting up what is supposed to be right based on giving people a page rank because they don't sound like they are advertising. But then perhaps the mistake I made is not bringing in traffic by blog hopping and exchanging links and now, exchanging posts as the latest trick to get a page rank…LOL. I know though that the latest is really bringing in the traffic which means a never ending blog hopping for me as that is what IZEA’s new innovation is all about; the Real Rank, you know. If you are a blogger like me who is earning money, then you would know what I mean. I work online for now.

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Lee said...

I don't think there's anything wrong with penalizing paid bloggers. After all, you make out to like a product you don't even know or care about.
The problem with paid blogging is that anyone can actually make money from it... and let's be honest, EVERYONE wants to make easy money on the Internet. So naturally everyone jumps on the paid to blog bandwagon. There are countless of stupid blogs out there solely built to make money. Then there's people who completely rely on their paid blogging income, which is incredibly daft if you ask me. PPP has been struggling ever since the big PR slap and will continue to do so until it completely dies down. Bad for the paid bloggers but really good for the blogosphere.

Ana P. S. said...

Hi there, Lee, thanks for speaking out about this paid blogging scheme. I get your point; it is getting silly indeed that some bloggers rely on it, especially if they live in a first world country like the U.S.A. where they can do better with having a real job. It is getting old even with me, I get sick having to blog because I need the money or that it is easy money, but yes, I agree with you that it is not good to make money out of things we don't know nor care at all. Sometimes it is not worth doing because it is a waste of time, so I will see about getting a real job in which I am working and making steady income. Hey, some people don't care about pleasing others but themselves and if it means having a blog for making money they will do it. They don't worry about what others think when it comes to money. I try not to come across as one, trying hard really. As for the page rank issue, yes, it is in the process of dying down hopefully soon enough while I am still here actively blogging. Okay, this is all. Thanks for your 2 cents!

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