Catching up on a blog contest where I could win some money

I have been finding a number of bloggers giving away prizes. What I mean is holding contests on their blogs for exchange posts, links, and correct answers to their guessing games-for traffic-yes, in case you haven't heard about it, doing so can earn you a page rank. It is neat because people get to win something either some money or fancy stuff like jewelry, makeup set, and more. Perhaps that is what I will do someday. In fact, right now I am excited about joining Yen's blog contest that will be ending by the end of this month. She is giving away at least $200 dollars in cash prizes. That is a lot and I am excited to find out if I won some of that money...LOL. Oh, that is the good thing about blogging; I get to find blogs that I like to visit because of interesting topics like Anah's Blog (as she tells it like it is sometimes, and I like that, of course, because I often read thought provoking posts. I just learn a little something each time and I am reminded of the things I don't often think about. She seems to know more than I do anyway...LOL.) And blogs that are fun to visit because of the all contests I am able to join and spectacular presentations; well designed blogs, great pictures, and their creativity in digital scrapbooking.

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