Use sunscreen to prevent skin from aging too fast and skin cancer

We have been out most of the time since the weather is really nice now. It makes me worried though sending our children out in the sun without proper sun block. My husband bought a spray sunscreen, but then it is hard when it comes to applying it on our faces. However, I ran across a website where I found the kind of sunscreen that we can rely upon with protecting our delicate skin. We also plan to go swimming this summer, so having the right sunscreen would help. We usually get freckles if we are exposed to the sun too long, and I get black moles on my face. So I am being cautious about going out in the sun without sunscreen on. Anyway, the sunscreen I am thinking about buying is made available by Screen, Inc. How nice because I get to have one at an affordable price. I like the fact that it doesn't contain harsh chemicals when applied on to the face. By the way, do you know that the higher the SPF the better it is for protecting your skin against the UV rays? If you don't bother wearing a sunscreen you could get a skin cancer like melanoma. I fear with getting that each time I see a skin pigment on my face changing color, like when I see moles appearing. So, sunscreen is really important, and I heard that it can help prevent skin from aging. Teenagers do need to keep their youthfulness, and so they should see about the sunscreen available at the site I was just visiting for sunscreen that is easy to use especially when we are talking about applying it on our face.

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