I give away digital scrapbooking kits

It's been some time that I didn't get to jot down here. My life is hectic having two children to attend to; sending one to school and attending to my demanding little one. If I am not too busy with my children I occupy myself with making scrapbooking kits that I give away for free. I have them for free downloads at the "Memoirs of a Filipina" blog of mine that I am slowly updating. I am filling it with all the memories I can still remember. It is quite enjoyable for me to recollect the memories I had back home. It puts a smile on my face to think of them. So that is what I am doing lately, updating my blog and also reviewing my posts on this blog because of my poor English. I need to take ESL for sure.
By the way, if you like the scrapbooking kit you see here, be sure to see my other blog to be able to download it. Okay, see you there!

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