Tiana is still sick and has been absent 3 days in a row

Tiana had to absent for the 3rd time this week. We couldn't send her to school being sick like she is. She has been vomiting off and on, and couldn't eat much because she will only throw up again. We don't know what is wrong with her, because she just went to bed one night and vomited early the next morning. She vomited the food she ate, and now still couldn't eat a lot. I think she caught stomach flu, and now I am worried that we would catch her stomach flu again. The 3 of us just had stomach flu the other month. It's awful that it came back. It makes me wonder if Tiana is catching such sickness in school. That is the problem with children, when one gets sick everybody else will get sick, too. I am glad that the school year will end soon. No more school and no more getting sick like what Tiana is going through. Stomach virus or flu is terrible, I had that, and I would not want it again.

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