Prank phone calls gone wrong

I was browsing YouTube some nights ago for some hilarious to watch videos, and I found some, but then I also came across a few prank phone calls that has gone horribly wrong. What I mean is that, those types of prank can sometimes come down really ugly. Imagine they get a phone call and when they get heated up, they start spilling the beans-the truth starts coming out. Now those are indeed prank phone calls gone wrong. There is nothing funny about such because it became no longer a joke. It is hard to believe that some people would actually go to that extent in telling their deepest secrets because of some unexpected phone call. That is why we all could use some time to think twice, not to always get carried away, because there are things that don't seem like they appear. What you see on the outside is not always what's on the inside. Imagine those people confessing that they cheated on their spouses just like that, over the phone. They don't even think that, this could be a joke, and just take it lightly then look in to it later. So I guess it is the prank that simply doesn't work like expected. Not a good idea to play on people I tell you. Not for those who has some secrets hidden away never to be told ever. However, it is not nice though, that if it is not because of a prank phone call, you'll never know the truth. How can people live with themselves keeping secrets that are not fair at all to their loved ones? It is sad that some people, as we speak, are living in a lie. Oh, that is one thing I detest in life. It is rare to find an honest and loyal partner; it is like finding a needle in a haystack. "Things are only fair if you play fair".
By the way, I can swear, I posted this already, and today, I just found it as draft, so I had to re-post it. I can't remember why it is in the draft status, when I posted it already. But then perhaps I unknowingly click the save button even when I meant to click the publish button.

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Florence said...

Hi there, would you like to exchange links?


Anah said...


Thanks sa dalaw :) Bitaw, this prank phone calls are not for everyone jud. Naay ubang tawo na dili makasakay ug joke. Sometimes, it can harm us emotionally; usahay makasumbag jud ta ba. That's why we should be careful with prank jokes.

Ayo ayo diha :) and God Bless!


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