Happy Memorial Day!!!

This is to pay tribute to those who paid the ultimate sacrifice so that others may live safe with peace and freedom. Remembering the ones who were courageous and brave to take a stand and fight for our safety and freedom. They are all heroes and we owe them a great deal of respect. So this Memorial Day, let's take time to pause and thank them for what they have done; preserved the freedom that we have now. Give thanks and salute those who lost their lives giving it and those who are fighting to keep it. They are the reason why we are free and people in other parts of the world. America has what most countries don’t have, and that is freedom; yes, it is the land of the free.
By the way, my husband also posted about Memorial Day; perhaps you can visit his blog and share your thoughts. Leave a comment or two. He will appreciate it.

Myspace Comments - Their Dedication & Courage is Appreciated

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MariK said...

Hi Ana, its me just trying to find all your sites. haha! take care my dear and happy memorial day.

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