We all have stomach flu now

I think I am feeling better now though, but my husband and children are still very sick with stomach flu. Tiana keeps vomiting and she has been sick for weeks-off and on. The Doctor prescribed something to prevent heartburn, because the Doctor thinks she has acid reflux. I got sick just when Tiana was feeling better last week, and now Tiana has it again. She is followed by Hannah and then their father. My husband is not quickly recovering and our baby is also slow with recovering from being sick. They are all sick right now. I think they have the stomach flu. The symptoms involve vomiting, diarrhea, and bloated feeling in the stomach. It feels like your stomach is full of air and your stomach aches at the same time. So that is what the three of them are having at this time. As for myself, I am all well since I don't feel like vomiting anymore and making frequent trips to the bathroom. Our baby is worse because she doesn't want to eat, she only drinks water. She hardly wants to eat anything, just a little bit of rice and very small piece of dry fish. She likes mommy's native food. Yes, my children eat whatever I eat, they like fish and all that I eat at home. How nice that is because I have company when I eat. See, my children would eat the dry fish on their own if I am not watching them. But so far they have only gone as far as picking up the fish, because I always catch them taking the fish each time I turn my back. I am afraid that they will choke on the bones so I get frantic when I have to leave the table sometimes. I don't trust Tiana even as old as she is now to de-bone the fish. I don't want to take the chance of her getting a bone stuck in her throat. I especially panic when the little one sneaks in to grab a dry fish and run with it. It scares me to death. So I always try to de-bone the fish for all of us.

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Anah said...


I hope you and your family are feeling better na. Stomach Flu is nasty! :(

Take care and God Bless!


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