Quantity and quality posts for a page rank

This is helpful to those who are hoping for a page rank. If having a page rank is important to you, then here, take it from me. I learned that in order to get a page rank you have to update your blog almost on a daily basis. You have to post often which means you need not only quality posts but also quantity posts. So pay attention to having both on your blog. Do be sure that when you post, you are writing a quality post, write a little longer, include a picture if possible, and keep posting interesting posts, so you can draw in a lot of visitors. Submitting your blog to the major search engines and blog directories will definitely help as well, because I heard that it is what everybody else is doing. Some people even opt to pay websites that submits their blogs to different directories, blogs, and websites. The cost is ranging from 10-50 USD. I haven't tried that yet though but I looked it up before. I am focusing more on updating my blog instead since I don't want to spend the money. Okay, there you have it; you may try what I am telling you about. Bear in mind though that updating your blog will give you a page rank for sure. I noticed that because I have come across quite a few blogs that had high page ranks, and when they were not able to update as often like they used to, their page rank just disappeared. Also, it pays to post hot topics, what I mean is, topics that people in general are interested in, they look for everyday, what they like, etc. Topics about famous celebrities causing people to be curious, topics about politics that people are paying attention to at this time and topics that are informative yet entertaining. You can also exchange posts with other bloggers. Convince them to write about you and you do the same about them. Exchange paragraphs with them would be fine, too. And oh, make sure your posts don't sound like a bunch of sales pitch because Google watch for keywords that indicate you are getting paid. Now keep your visitors coming as traffic helps a lot.

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