I can be helpful if I pay attention to my dreams

I just finished writing about the dreams I had in the past that actually happened shortly after I dreamed about them. I found a website where I can submit both the dreams that have been fulfilled and dreams that may happen in the future. I could become famous for having the vision that I have through my dreams...LOL. So that is fascinating that I have the power of vision to be able to see some of the things that can happen in the future. I would at least have the premonition to avoid major disasters, be more prepared, and informed. Sometimes, my dreams give me information I usually would never think about nor know about. How convenient that would be if I am getting useful information that I can benefit for real.
Dreams do foretell something that may have happened in the past or yet to happen in the future. It depends though, because there are premonition dreams and dreams out of wishful thinking because of a subconscious mind. Well, normally, when I am worried about something I would have dreams about certain scenarios which could happen for real. My fears reflect my dreams. However, in some cases, dreams just come without me thinking about things related to them, as if they are just natural to me. They come as a message that the future holds. A warning before hand, so that is one thing I appreciate about my dreams. I just don't like it when they actually happen like what happened to my uncle. It hurts, especially when I failed to warn him. I hate having to dream about the bad things. Why couldn't I dream about happy things instead? I never had any good or happy dream come true yet, not that I can recall anyway.

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Agring said...

Ann salamat sa pagduaw. Sensya naka if I don't visit you. I'm busy talaga. How's the kids? I hope everyone are doing great.

Tahn said...

Nice site :)

Anonymous said...

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