Cheap tickets for double decker sightseeing New York tours

When we went to Chicago on a huge bus, it was like we were touring. However, it would be more fun if we get to ride a double decker bus. Well, perhaps someday we can and I would want to see New York next time we travel. I am fascinated by such state as I always hear that it is so pretty out there with the lady liberty to see and so many shopping malls to shop at. My husband used to know a lot of people living in New York, but it's too bad he and his friends there never kept in touch. Anyway, the best way I thought when going to New York for a visit is take a double decker tour bus which will give us breathtaking views of the spectacular scenery. We might be able to get our tickets at the website I came across that takes care of everything when it comes to New York Tours. The website provides people cheap double decker bus tickets for touring some of the great cities of New York. So that is interesting and I am glad that it wouldn't cost much for us to be able to get on the double decker bus. I would like that and to be seated at the top is going to be fun. By the way, for those of you are thinking about going to New York soon, you might be interested to see this website: for some cheap tickets.

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