Finally here is my workstation

I meant to share some snapshots I have taken of my workstation and my new desktop computer some time ago, but I never was able to do so. Now I decided to only share a photo of me by my workstation at home. It is where I do my graphic editing peeps and where I sometimes sit down to blog if my newly bought laptop is not available. I bought my desktop computer back in January 2008 I think it was. I just can't remember anymore, but it is around that time. My desktop came with a 19" widescreen BriteView flat panel LCD monitor, and the CPU is powered by the Intel Pentium Dual-Core processor, with an enormous 3GB memory, an extra-large 400GB hard drive, and many more fancy stuff that I can't tell you since I don't want to go on and on. Those things I mentioned are the main points anyway-they make up for the picture. Now as for how much I paid for my desktop, I can only tell you that I was lucky to find a deal just when I was really looking to buy a new computer. I was able to purchase it under a $1,000 dollars. So, that is the middle of the road price. It is not bad at all for a computer that seems to have it all for what I need. That is all I need for now really, unless I am actually doing something extra important like basing a major job on my computer. So far I don't see anything in which I would need to rely on my computer so much. When I was looking for a computer, I was going to settle for the 2 GB Memory 500 GB Hard Drive having only the windows home basic, but then why get it when I can get a higher level of vista. My computer has the Windows Vista Home Premium. So I was fortunate to find a deal and saved at least $200 dollars because of the rebate. It is smart to shop around and be more patient with waiting for the sale. That is how I was able to buy my latest gadgets. I save all the time because I know how to shop smart...LOL. Yep, take it from me, you won't have to pay top dollar if you can wait.

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Nora said...

Nice picture and laptop Nang. Congrats nga nakapalit ka na gid laptop. Ako di ra sa ko mopalit laptop ky my comp ra man ko nga ginagamit ug damo pako balayran ah didto sa aton huh.

Rissa said...

ang ganda ng workplace mo An and u look great too! lovely picture indeed. thanks for sharing!

Ana P. S. said...

Hi Sis. Nora, the computer you can see here is my desktop. I bought it back in January. Di mo pa nakita yan eh...LOL. Anyway, oo how nice na I finally have a laptop din. At last I can move around. As for the money, I haven't saved pa unlike you na a saver ka. And if we talk about our fam back home, they will always have endless demand of money and we can only try to help when we can. The pressure is always on at ganyan talaga ang mga Fils lalo na pag poor lang tayo doon...LOL. My money goes to our fam din and to these things I have now. Save late nalang...LOL, I am living one day at a time.
To Rissa, long time no see ha. Thanks for stopping by and sharing your thoughts. I appreciate it. See yah later!

Gracie said...

You've got a very tidy work area, Ana. I'm jealous...LOL! I had to disassemble mine at home because it's getting way too messy each day. Thank goodness for Wi-Fi, at least now I am not confined to just one corner.

Thanks for stopping by my blog. Hope to see you there again soon.

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