Can credit bureaus protect you without lifelock?

This is about an interesting article I found online regarding lifelock and credit bureaus. I read that lifelock is costing Experian a lot of extra money, because now Experian has to work harder causing its employees to take additional steps in verifying a creditor's credentials. So, that is what's heating up, and if you visit the site, you can better understand what I am talking about here. It leaves people questioning if credit bureaus really do look out for people seeking to safeguard their information and identities. Anyway, I think there is an argument there between paying lifelock a certain amount of money to make sure you won't be a victim of identity theft and relying on your creditor to do the same, only in a manner that you have to acquire what you need for your account to be safe. It will be a do-it-yourself and a know how. Now, for those of you who might be interested in reading more about the issue, you can also read the article that will help you be more aware of how things work. Is it really true that a third party like lifelock can't obtain such right because credit laws do not provide for a third party to place fraud alerts on behalf of a consumer? Find out more!

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