Have lunch with your child day

A couple of days ago was the day for parents to have lunch with their children. It was a "Have lunch with your child day", and I would have loved to go to Tiana's school and eat with her, but my husband didn't like to take us out because the baby would get sick as it's been really cold. The ground is always full of snow, I guess it will be a while before Spring comes to Michigan. It was just snowing heavily today, too, but when it stopped during the late afternoon, I asked my husband to take me out shopping. So we all went and stopped by a Chinese take-out to get some food to eat. Well, anyway, as for Tiana's school, we often miss some events, and I forgot about her Valentine's Musical Concert, and didn't get to put on a red or white shirt on her as preferred by her school, so I didn't take a picture, just a video of her. When I came it was too late, she had to go to the stage and perform already. Oh, that was bad. It's awful when you are not prepared. Anyway, the have lunch with your child day wasn't so easy for me to pass either, but my husband is afraid to drive in such weather condition. So, Tiana didn't have either of us to have lunch with her. I would have gone if I knew how to drive though, but not yet, so I have to work on it, perhaps this year na. My husband said that not a lot of parents would come to school having lunch with their children that day anyway, so he is one of them. If it is up to me, no weather is going to stop me, really. Rain or shine, even snow, I would go if I can drive and have my own car. I am young and doesn't know the danger as well as my husband in that regard, maybe this is why I am more of a risk-taker.
By the way, do you out there have that day where you get to have lunch with your children in their school? We do here, in our daughter's school.

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