My Computer has the Windows Vista Home Premium

I am finding some great jokes online, actually funny cartoons, so when I am in the mood, I grab one I can relate to. Just like what I have below, it is about windows vista. I know a little about it, the higher the level of vista in the computer, the more expensive the computer is. When I looked around to buy a computer, I was seeing different levels of vista, like the basic, premium, and another higher level. I picked the Windows Vista Home Premium since the higher the better for the same price as the basic, plus, I bought my computer according to what I found out online, on sale-I saved $200.00 USD. My computer has what I need for the kind of things I do online. Well, anyway, I am not sure if I got the joke here, that the difference is the price, but they all basically work about the same...LOL. Yeah, you just pay more!

The Windows Vista Ultimate Element

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Loisel said...

hehehe I think its all about the price! ^_^ Hi there ate ana. i just found your links to other filipina blogger. just passing by.
Nice Blog keep it up.

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