I am in need of data recovery

I was just telling everybody awhile back about how I needed a data recovery software to be able to retrieve my lost data. See, I was uninstalling my web-camera driver when all of a sudden I forgot that our old computer was connected to the switch I happened to turn off because it was just supposed to turn off our new computer. I forgot that the two computer was connected, and interrupted the uninstalling process. So then, when I turned our old computer back on, it wouldn't start, and no matter what I do to specify the normal start up or log on, nothing seem to progress, so finally, I just thought a recovery CD would help, and loaded it up, until it actually re-formatted and lost the old partition. Now, all our files in the old computer are gone. I tried to recover them by purchasing a file retriever software, but so far, all I have done is spend money, I bought another software just the other day, but still nothing helped. I was only able to retrieve a number of pictures, but not the ones I wanted. At this point, I am taking my time with getting another software to help me recover my computer data. I am definitely in need of a Data Recovery like on the site I found today. The money is the only issue now with me, because I don't have the budget, but then the site is saying "No Data, No Fee". That means, if such Computer Data Recovery and Restoration company can't help with recovering my data, I won't have to worry about paying anything. It sounds like a deal to me, so I might check it out, if I still can't go anywhere with retrieving our files.

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