Recovering my lost files

Never would I do things out of balance again when it comes to computers, I hope I won't, because I just learned my lesson. It cost me money to retrieve my files, well, not exactly retrieved just yet. I am still in the process of retrieving them, just the photographs. And as soon as I have everything set, I will give my new monitor to my husband since he got it messy with throwing stuff around in the house...LOL-no more details there. A good thing I am forgiving enough...LOL. Well, anyway, I haven't been able to complete my task with recovering our photos because our daughter (baby) at times would stop by and decides to push a button, and that button just happens to be the off button on our CPU/computer. So, I often do things over again, because I am always interupted. Just like some time ago, I thought I was just hugging and cuddling with our baby, but then all of a sudden our oldest daughter yelled out saying, "Oh...oh, Hannah, did it again". She actually push the off button again and I was just shocked and yelled oh, no! Not again. However, so far so good, because even when she pushed the off button I was able to turn it back on and the recovery software is still working. A good thing I didn't give up so soon. So, we will see if I can recover our photos. I have so much to share but I decided to do it when I have time to scrap, and put some in a slide show. Okay, till here for now.

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