I made the cover of Vogue Magazine!!!

Hi everyone, can you believe it? I made the cover of Vogue Magazine!!! Ahahah, I am just kidding aroud...LOL. As if you would actually believe me...LOL. Nah...this is just for kicks. Anyway, I got tag by Lanie G. and Vk L. about making a mag of my picture. So, finally the other day I took a picture of myself when I got to clean up a little, though I hardly had enough sleep-just 4-5 hours of sleep, and you can see it in my pic, I have tired eyes and I think looking older now-that is for being always in front of the computer. But I tried, I fixed myself up to look human enough, I mean decent...LOL. I feel like a freak sometimes you know, especially when I hear hurtful comments, and that hurts worst if it is said by people you have gotten to know closely in life. I can't pin point, but that is how it goes with me. Nobody wants to take my picture, so I often end up taking them myself; all on my own. Even, if some people will grow to think that I am in love with myself...irk! I guess, there are people that are just cruel period, or maybe they do it to make them look better-actually feel good about themselves...LOL. However, we all have to remember that no matter what peple may say to us about how we look, "Beauty is always in the eye of the beholder". We can only define beauty by what we think is beautiful, we all have a different view even when we are looking at the same picture. So, there you have it, folks, my side of the story.
By the way, I tag everyone I know online that hasn't done this "MagMyPic" thing. Grab it, and try it on your blog, you might like what you'll see, as you can look like you are a celebrity...LOL. Social!

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Bravespirit... said...

I agree. It doesn't matter how other people think about us. We are all beautiful in the eyes of the One Who created us! And to me, that's the most important thing.

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