I created another blog!!!

Hi everyone, I created a new blog! I would like to share to you my new blog thatr I just started yesterday. I thought I would get another blog to see if I get a page rank, because I lost all my page rank, yah know. So, with my new blog I am hoping that I will get a page rank soon. If not, then I guess I will learn my lesson that it has nothing to do with getting a new one...LOL. My page rank here disappeard a couple of months ago due to google's policy, and I think it is about having the wrong keywords and links here that made my page rank disappeard. Now those who quickly learned that those things are going to be the escaped goat, I mean the reason why we won't have a page rank, well, they acted sooner, while I acted when I already lost my page rank. So then I was just too late to make my page rank of 4 stay. Oh, that really hit me hard-irritated me because I now struggling having to make another blog. I hope I can keep up. Okay, here is my new blog anyway:, be sure to visit me some time so I won't be so lonely being alone there. Ciao!

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