Great hotels in Barcelona

Don't I wish I can go for a vacation, I need one. One of the places that I am interested in exploring is Spain since Spanish is part of our culture, I mean Spaniards influenced our culture a great deal. I saw the food and some exciting activities in Spain that I like such as the tomato fight. I find it fun just watching people do it on TV. I also had to laugh seeing a lot of people being chased by a bull. Well, anyway, I found Hotels in Barcelona to be quite popular for tourists. Imagine, it has an average year-round occupancy of 85%, now that is a high percentage. Most people usually go to Spain for food and nice weather. I like the food because it reminds me of home. So, for those who are planning to go to Spain for a vacation, be sure to see the site for more information about Spain and the hotels there. You would not want to miss a thing. Spain is a nice place to visit. I just love the food there, I tell you.

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Milena said...

I have always wanted to visit Barcelona, and I finally made it. Barcelona airport (terminal B) is under renovated progress. Talking about the Barcelonans, I had to admit I like them. They love to read. I have never seen in any cities that people walks, rides the metro with the book opening in their hands. The city public transportation system is superb. Buses and metro got me any places I wanted to go. In addition, the weather here is just like in North America, although it is a little bit cooler. Furthermore, the city is so lovely built, especially in the Eixample area. I just love those diagonal shape buildings and the graciously designed wrought iron balconies. Don't forget to stroll along the Passeig de Gracia. It is so enjoyable. Barcelona is truly one European city, and it is another favorite destination on my list.

Greg said...

Barcelona is a remarkable city. It has everything one can ever dream of: great people, amazing weather, beautiful architecture, history, great artists, tasty food and that essence a city need to be just perfect. Barcelona is a world itself. From the beautiful Barri Gotic to the incredible Sagrada Familia, the city never sleeps, glowing every second of every minute. The Ramblas are the heart of the city, arousing its character and spreading it all over the place.This is definitely a city to remember, a city to enjoy and a city to discover.

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