It's the Day of Love

Hi everyone, this is a wish for a "Happy Valentine's Day" to all! I hope you are having a special time with your other half. As for us, we don't have anything like that, my husband and I dismissed the idea of celebrating except for holidays (like Thanksgiving-family get together, and Christmas-for presents) that makes our children happy and overjoyed. It is our children that matters with us anymore, and not us...LOL. I guess that is life with us only, because the rest do celebrate their love, fruitful union, and all the wonderful things they have together. We normally celebrate birthdays, yes, our children's birthdays, and not ours, as ever since a lot of not so pleasant things happened in my life, I didn't want to do anything...LOL. I sometimes get depressed, so that is me. I have always said, there is no sense in getting depress, but then again, we are only human. We have emotions, and there are just times we can't help to be emotional.
Sadness and happiness are two things that makes life a life, I read. It is like a combination of being born and death-live and die thing. Life needs a balance of everything. So we all have to taste everything whether we like it or not, it is like death, we can't stop it. And when it comes to time, we can't turn back the hands of time either. So, it seems life is funny. I mean strange! Who knows what can happen, we can only wonder, and since we don't know, it is best to stay put. I would say just do the best we can, and live life to the fullest everyday of our lives. It is the journey that counts, not the destination, yes, unless it is home-Philippines...LOL. Okay, this is all for now, I hope we all have a kindred spirit this special day. Enjoy life while we can, we only get to live once, you know.

By the way, I shared a beautiful love story at my new blog, click "Random Matters" to read about it. You will like it, because it reminds us not to take for granted the people closest to our hearts.

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Valentine's Day Glitters

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