I think I have the flu

I hate being sick, and now I am having a flu I think. I don't feel well, I have a headache, feel kinda dizzy, and achy-aching all over. The sinus pressure is awful. I think I need to drink plenty of fluid; orange juice. I don't really take care of myself, most of the time I don't eat in the morning. Unlike at home that in the morning we eat food more like for lunch...LOL. So, always full and healthy, only we don't have a lot of money because there are no jobs that pays good money. Almost everyone in the remote part of the area works for almost nothing, hard labor-work but very little pay. It's rediculous there, I tell you. Everything is manual labor, unlike in the big city. Anyway, let me go back to my being sick. I am sniffling and feel weak, I need a good night sleep and rest. I'll have to take things easy until I get better. A good thing Tiana is off school today because it snowed heavily and usually schools would close then. As for my two little ones, Hannah-our baby got really sick just the other day feeling like I do now, she actually had a fever, and when I gave her a bath, it brought her temperature down, and now she seems to be feeling better. Tiana doesn't have it bad, and I am glad because she has to go school. Okay, till next time. Kind regards to everyone!

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