Thinking about getting a haircut

Happy weekend everyone! This is our daughter's first weekend from school, and I am glad the weather is good today. Anyway, I am thinking about getting a haircut and this time I want my hair to be shorter than I ever had it cut before. Sometimes it is better to have a new haircut and hairstyle for a change of phase. So I am not going to have my hair just be trimmed. If I think that I look okay with my new haircut I might share a picture. If not. I will only share our daughter's picture because I gave her a bob cut. My husband had to argue with me about it because it makes her look like a boy. Not to me! Well, at least his son likes Tiana's haircut, and think she looks very cute with it as a bob cut is really more for little girls. It is not time for her to look like a little lady yet...LOL. Okay, this is all for now. Enjoy your weekend!

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