A glimpse of how we possibly evolved

I stayed up late last night so I can watch a show about evolution as I was fascinated by it. There are so many things I am eager to know about in this world. And as for me; nothing comes close to the facts. So it makes me appreciate the Scientists for making an effort to learn how everything evolved. I am someone who is open-minded and willing to open my mind to all the possibilities, because after all we are here to do so. Discovering and learning things is so exciting and I find it really interesting each time I hear something new. Anyway, as for the evolution show I watched, it is entitled "How to Build a Better Being". I think it is so amazing how one thing can create another thing. We go from one to another string of specimen because of the "Genetic Toolkit" that can create many different living things of all shapes and sizes. See, it is possible that we evolved from a simple worm to fish, then from there to the monkey and eventually humans.
I am sure a lot of people would say that it is impossible especially the religious fanatics saying "that is not how it happened" and so, of course, they are in denial. I guess each of us will have to make our own decision with either believing by faith or by facts. However, who is to say how to believe and even believe...LOL. Nobody knows and the only thing we know about is what we see as real and here in front of us. The beauty of nature and how living things evolved as for the religious people "they are automatically provided by "God" and everything that happens are for a reason because it is in God's plan". It is easy for them to accept the brutal things because it happened in God's will. I am not sure though if I totally agree with it since I don't like to see my loved ones murdered in such a brutal way and to think that it is okay because God planned it that way. Just like with my uncle that, supposedly he was destined to be murdered brutally and beheaded, too. Goodness that is not something I will take lightly because it was time for him to go and that God wanted to take him that was why he had to die. I could never understand that whether there is God or not, you know. If there is, I beg to differ. I disagree with his plan and will to let people go that way. The religious people say that it is not how God is. Well, who knows really since nobody knows other than that we all can only guess and/or speculate.
That is the thing because of all the bad things; atrocity that happens here on earth, we'd like to think that for those whose life was cut short would have a second chance; a chance that maybe they are better off dead because they won't have to suffer, that in the other side of life-if there is such-is indeed better because it is a salvation. The Scientists are in constant move to learn and discover and as they reveal how things happened-the history, it hurts more and more to think that it contradicts the religious people's view of our existence (life) and the world. Each time we hear how something actually existed, it reduces the chance that we will have another chance beyond this lifetime. That is disturbing as we all can imagine if all along we believe that there is God who is watching over us and will take care of us; keep us away from harm, etc. Oh, it is confusing isn't it? We'll just have to keep hoping that the Scientists are wrong...LOL. We live and learn don't we? So, we will see if what we hope and believe in, is real, only we would never know that I am afraid since it seems that when we are dead we are just dead period-I am speculating that. But yeah, unless we find out when we are really dead that if "there is life after death". It reminds me of the movie line saying that "everything is only an illusion because even when our bodies are gone" we live on as a bunch spirits". Hmmm... That sounds interesting as we will be invisible and be able to go places if we can...LOL. Okay this is all for now. I am only sharing what is inside my head-my 2cents. I just felt like blabbing today eh.

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