I am getting better with my grammar

Speaking English as a second language is not easy, not with me anyway. It is not that easy especially when I only have a high school level education. I do hope though that someday I can go back to school. Maybe if I save enough money I can, so I have got to save money. I need to limit my spending and shopping especially now that I have too many bills to pay. So far I am able to refrain from shopping many times a month as I used to. This is helping me meet all my extra expenses. I am managing my money just right and I don't run short unless I get some crazy ideas in my head. As for the ESL issue; I am not so bad anymore. I check my grammar to see about how I am doing. My grammars are improving as I can see according to my grammar checker. I am glad that I am learning more and more every day. I think going to Macomb Community College for the ESL program embedded in the computer there actually helped. Well, a little in means of knowing how to properly abbreviate a sentence. I learn as I go along, it is somewhat self-taught, you know. Thank goodness there is software that can recognize grammatical errors.

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