Too much of a good thing is no good

I have been stressing out lately over some personal issue, and you know, it makes me feel like I am growing old too fast. It is not really easy to get motivated when you have problems and with me I usually get depressed. What I noticed from spending too much time dwelling on my problems is that it affected me not only emotionally but also physically in which I suffer from aches and pains. In fact, there are times that my memory is poor. I guess I have not been doing the right thing in my life and now I am living with the consequences. In addition, our not so active lifestyle is causing me to be restless; I can't sleep well at night. So I am lacking sleep and have so many sleep debts. Now I could use some help in that area of my life. I need to be able to balance everything that I do, so I can grow old gracefully. Life is too short indeed to not spend it wisely. And according to Dr. Kathleen Hall-the internationally recognized lifestyle expert in stress and work/life balance; people needs to be mindful of their everyday living. There is so much for all of us to learn and this edutainment video provided by The MINDFUL LIVING NETWORK™ is really full of information about how to reduce stress, grow old gracefully and, live longer and happier. It is about educating people how to balance their daily routines not to be overworked and take time to be entertained to reduce stress. We all should be mindful about how we manage our everyday living that we don't have to rush because when we rush through life we miss a lot of things that could give us longevity and keep us healthy all the way around. Everybody needs a balanced lifestyle because like people say "Too much of a good thing is no good". We are never too old to play!

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