We still remember the 9/11

MySpace Comments - 9/11, September 11
MySpace Layouts - 9/11, September 11

Hi everybody, how was your day today? As for us, we got up early to send our daughter to school as usual. Only today, I took some time to prepare her outfit making sure that she wears something that has red, white, and blue colors to show our support; in remembrance of the 9/11/01 and those who perished that day. Imagine it's been 7 years already, but no one can forget it really. That kind of tragedy will never be forgotten, and people who lost their loved ones will forever mourn. It is not easy to lose someone you care about; it is something that I don't think you can ever get over.
Oh, by the way, I am sharing some of the snapshots I took of Tiana, today. I thought she looks so cute and patriotic. As you can see; she wore a top with red, white, and blue. When I went to her school I didn't see any child wearing anything patriotic (not where I was at perhaps), so I guess, not too many people bothers anymore. Oh, well, I just thought it would be courteous, you know. I try to dress my children for the occasion. Okay until here for now. Enjoy the pictures peeps!
Patriotic Photo1Patriotic Photo2Patriotic Photo3
Excuse the date in the pictures; one of my children touched the camera.

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