Can't have too many blogs anymore

Goodness, gracious!!! I thought I can keep the blogs I intended to keep, but now I can't. Well, I can't easily give up just because triple P is updating its system to only keep quality blogs. My Random Matters Blog can no longer be used there...eeek! It does not meet the triple P's standards for overall quality. Now which blog is next? I hope not this one because I consider this blog to be quite a quality one with more traffic than any of my other blogs. Anyway, let's see when how many blogs I have left at the triple P when this "blog assessment" is all over...LOL.
It might be time for me to get off my pad and start hustling soon. Oh, I wish it is easy to find a job here, but so far I am not going anywhere. I will have to keep trying and try harder. Okay this is all for now. For all I know I may not be blogging here anymore either without the triple P since it is my main source for opps. This blog is my top blog, so hopefully it won't be out. It must be the traffic count that matters now and frequency of posts. I have not been updating some of my blogs as often as I used to, and the posts are not very long and interesting either, so that must be it. I'll take whatever is for me and be happy with it; at least I am earning some money.

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jennyL said...

hi an.. oo 2 nasibak sa kin kasi bravejournal yon .. yung 1 kasi d k na pinopostan while the other naman post lang ako pag may assignmnet at saka ma iiksi lan kaya siguro nasibak..

anyway kahit naman d maalis yung blog na yon eh wala narin akong nakukuha sa kanila eh..lalo na kaming walang opps sa asia pwera na lang kun gmay Pr ang blogs

Anah said...

Hello Ana,

I didn't know they are evaluating blogs na diay? If I didn't visit you here, wala jud tawon ko aware na they implemented this type of rules.

My take, this blog will survive. I love the clean layout!

Good luck in your job hunting. Naa ra gyud muabot para nimo. You'll see!

Take care,


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