Blog-drop instead of blog-hop

I am glad I joined the blog dropping routine instead of blog hopping as I have been a little too lazy to blog hop. So, how nice that there is a new way for me to bring traffic to my blog. I joined a lot of bloggers in the entrecard blog dropping. You just go see the blog and that is it instead of leaving a comment, which is often a hassle to me unless I find it necessary to comment. Now as for the page rank, mine here did not come back at all. Maybe I will have a page rank of 0 here for a long time. This is the longest time now. I think Google is going on spurs when it decides to update a blog and give a blog a rank. Some people have their page ranks up to 6 months long now. So, wow! They are lucky. I am hoping I am one of them on my journal; so far my page rank there is not disappearing. Okay, this is all about web talk. I am staying up again and I am just in time to catch an assignment being due in 12 hours.

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