It is in God's plan according to Sarah Palin

I have been reading and hearing a lot of people complaining about the fact that Sarah Palin is mixing her political views with her religious views. She could do something according to what is God's plan rather than basing it on what she should base it from. Being as religious as she is; she will accept whatever happens as is because it is God's will-it is okay if to say everybody agrees with her. Her decisions could very well be influenced by her belief which is more hypothetical. It would be like fiction because for all we know it could be make believe. That is since we don't know whether there is God or there isn't. So far no one can prove or disprove it, as we can only guess for now. One thing for certain; we can't always go by faith when it comes to what is happening around us-the facts that speaks the truth. Anyway, the public is not too happy about hearing her say that the "War in Iraq is "God's Plan"." Now that is starting to make people cringe...LOL, because not everyone believes in God considering that there are those who believes in different things. Perhaps she is only fulfilling what she is suppose to do being a conservative Republican.
John McCain on the other hand is also making his own headlines, because from what I saw and heard on TV "John McCain criticized Barrack Obama for being more like a "Rock Star than a Presidential Candidate". However, in turn he seems to be doing the same thing showing up on TV shows and doing what he exactly accused Barrack of. Boy, talk about political chaos and exaggerated stories coming out. I read a lot of blogs online and noticed that not all women are going for Sarah Palin, just because John McCain chose Sarah Palin for a VP so to draw women voters-it is not working as well as anticipated. Most people I know are afraid that if something happens to John McCain she will be the President and what is going to happen then? If that is the case, I think John McCain only brought on more damage to his campaign than good. We will see though what will happen this November when it is time to vote. Right now I am only throwing in my 2 cents and yes, I do try to keep up with the latest news.

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