What is it? Well, it's about watches. Anyway, my watch stopped working and I am thinking that it is about time for me to get a new watch. I owned a few good watches but then they didn't last for as long as I anticipated being pricey. My husband sent me a watch for a gift and I thought such watch would work for a long time, but it quit on me. I am tired of buying a battery when it doesn't take too long it would stop working again. So I just decided to put it away since I don't have the money to keep buying batteries. Now that I don't have a watch, I could get one of these Movado watches because if I buy a particular watch that I like it is possible for me to get a free watch. Maybe I can get one for myself and I will give the free watch to my daughter. If I have a lot of money, I would want to buy several just to send to my people back home. By the way, for those of you looking for a nice gift idea; you might want to see about getting a Movado brand name watch because you can find one that is stylish and elegant. You can also save money by either getting a free watch or get one that you like for 80% off. There are so many great looking watches you can find there perfect for gift-giving, and the best thing is you have a discount. That is what I like because when I do get one, I can pick a watch and get 30% and up off my purchase. I spotted one that caught my eye; it's below. Isn't that nice?

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